Pre-workshop dinner on Saturday September 8, 2018

A pre-workshop dinner and social event will take place at 8PM on Saturday night at http://cookoovaya.gr/en/.

Final program for Sunday September 9, 2018

Important: because the event sold out, we've been moved to a different (larger than originally planned) room! Please check the ECCB website for final details.

Also do check out the keynote speaker profiles!


9:00 10:00 Yves Sucaet Vrije Universiteit Brussel Digital Pathology and its importance as an omics data layer download
10:30 11:30 Derek Magee University of Leeds Fifteen Years of Digital Pathology at Leeds: The Journey To Clinical Adoption of Digital Pathology and Where Now? download
11:30 12:00 Chang Lu UMC Maastricht Towards the complete picture: computational strategies to identify MS-Imaging derived molecular fingerprints associated with inflammatory cell phenotypes
12:00 12:30 Keynote speakers Panel discussion part 1: what pathology can mean for bioinformatics
13:30 14:30 Chakra Chennubhotla U of Pittsburgh Computational Systems Pathology and Machine Learning for Mechanistic Understanding of Cancer Metastasis download
14:30 15:00 Keynote speakers Panel discussion part 2: what bioinformatics can do for pathology
15:30 16:30 Thomas Fuchs MSKCC Computational Pathology at Scale: Changing Clinical Practice One Petabyte at a Time download
16:30 17:00 Keynote speakers Panel discussion part 3: Computational pathology is here to stay

6PM - post-workshop dinner (and meet the keynote speakers!) at http://varoulko.gr/

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