CPW2018 - Computational Pathology Workshop - second edition - Literature

Paper references

Whole slide imaging informatics - Digital Pathology in support of big data and omics datasets - Non-human applications of digital pathology - Beyond two dimensions

Whole Slide Imaging Informatics

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Digital Pathology in support of big data and omics datasets

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Non-human applications of digital pathology

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Beyond two dimensions

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Past and present community challenges and other initiatives

ISBI challenge on cancer metastasis detection in lymph node - camelyon16, http://camelyon16.grand-challenge.org/

MITOS-ATYPIA-14 (detection of mitosis; evaluation of nuclear atypia score), http://mitos-atypia-14.grand-challenge.org/

Assessment of Mitosis Detection Algorithms 2013 - AMIDA13, http://amida13.isi.uu.nl/

Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histological Images http://ludo17.free.fr/mitos_2012/

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