Preliminary program for Sunday September 9, 2018

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9:00 9:30 Yves Sucaet Vrije Universiteit Brussel Digital Pathology and its importance as an omics data layer
9:30 10:00 Thomas Fuchs MSKCC TBD
10:30 11:30 Derek Magee University of Leeds TBD
11:30 12:00 Chang Lu UMC Maastricht Towards the complete picture: computational strategies to identify MS-Imaging derived molecular fingerprints associated with inflammatory cell phenotypes
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13:30 14:30 Chakra Chennubhotla U of Pittsburgh Computational Systems Pathology and Machine Learning for Mechanistic Understanding of Cancer Metastasis
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15:30 16:00 TBD Apply now!
16:00 17:00 keynote speakers Panel discussion: Computational pathology is here to stay

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