Final program for Saturday September 3, 2016

The proceedings booklet is now available for download.
9:009:10 Welcome and announcements Download
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Yves SucaetVrije Universiteit Brussel
9:1010:00 Keynote lecture: Computer aided diagnosis will change the way we practice anatomical pathology Download
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Jeroen Van der LaakUMC Radboud
10:0010:20 Cytomine for collaborative and semantic analysis of digital pathology images Download
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Raphael MaréeUniversité de Liège
10:2010:30 Sponsor presentation Download
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David HiattHGST
11:0011:20 Recognizing the BRAF mutant-like tumors from whole-slide pathology images Download
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Vlad PopoviciMasaryk University
11:2011:40 An Integrated Environment for Morphometric Profiling of Tumor   Talha QaiserThe University of Warwick
11:4012:00 Learning based detection of early neoplastic changes in histological images Download
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Mira ValkonenUniversity of Tampere
12:0012:20 A Novel Measure for Nuclear Pleomorphism in Lung Adenocarcinoma   Najah AlsubaieThe University of Warwick
Lunch / poster session
1:302:30 Keynote lecture Download
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Niels GrabeTIGA Center Heidelberg
2:302:50 Nobody likes the chubby peewee Download
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Jörg AckermannGoethe-University Frankfurt am Main
2:503:00 Sponsor presentation Watch video Agelos PappasPathomation
3:304:20 Keynote lecture: 21st Century Digital Pathology: Computer-Assisted Diagnosis for Pathologists (pCAD) Download
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Jeffrey FineUPMC
4:204:40 Analysis of mass spectrometry imaging data with autoencoders Watch video Spencer A. ThomasNational Physical Laboratory
4:405:00 Shedding a Different Light on Disease: An Introduction to Infrared Based Spectral Pathology Watch video Peter GardnerUniversity of Manchester
5:005:20 Comparison of vascular networks from high resolution 3D whole organ microscopic analysis Download
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Michael J. Pesavento3Scan
5:207:00Reception / poster session   HGST / WDC

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